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We believe in nurturing our team members with the same attention to detail that we apply to our projects, starting with a solid foundation. From there, the possibilities are limitless. Whether you prefer a methodical approach to skill development, like crafting a complex electrical system, or a rapid path to success, we provide the tools and training to help you shape the career you desire, from day one to retirement.

More than just a job.

How we work

Our years of experience allow us to make sure our team has the proper training, equipment and overall preparedness to take on any job.

Diversity at Statewide

In our diverse Statewide community, each individual is valued. We embrace unique talents, fostering inclusivity for shared success.

We want you to thrive

At Statewide, your development is a priority to us. In the words of our Founder George Fernandez, “If we are not growing together, there is a problem.”